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Brumbs is a free frictionless contact tracing solution that requires no GPS, no bluetooth, and even no App download.

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Real-time monitoring

Get live information about all the people that are currently in each room without invading their privacy. Brumbs does not use nor needs GPS signals from smartphones, nor bluetooth, nor perform any type of triangulation from cell phone or wi-fi signals.

Brumbs allows you to keep track of everyone by simply scanning a QR code when they enter and leave a specific place.

Brumbs is frictionless tracking at its finest.

Full risk tracing under one second

In the event of a COVID positive person, get an instant report of all the people that person interacted with for the past 14 days.

Brumbs also allows you to notify all of them about the situation, or to export a list to be sent via email for risk mitigation and notification.

Every second counts.


How it Works

  • Brumbs


    Register for free at Brumbs

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    Generate a unique QR code for each room or area you need, and set the maximum occupancy for each.

  • Brumbs

    Print and place

    Each QR code next to each entrance door.

  • Brumbs

    Scan to enter

    If their phone shows a green screen, they can go in. If they see a red screen, room is full, it has been flagged as as a red zone, or the user has been red flagged. Plus Plan allows the user to enter a queue and be notified when it's their turn.

  • Brumbs

    Scan upon leaving

    To register they have left the room. If on the Plus Plan, this will notify the next in queue that they can come in.

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